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We help you solve problems!

Independent Consultants specialising in project orientated work, including operations & studies.
Difficult or "impossible" jobs preferred. Also Specialist Petrophysical Training.
Consistent & high standards with documentation to meet any Audit requirements.
Confidentiality assured.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and resulting border and gathering restrictions travelling internationally to deliver courses is currently impossible. We are consequently reconstructing our Saturation-Height course for online delivery with a live Instructor. Details to follow.  If you are interested in this online Course, please let me know  in the contact form.

Over the next few months we will offer our full spectrum of Petrophysical courses from Foundation through to Advanced & Specialist Courses live via online delivery . Check them out at our Training page here.

Latest Events:
In August 2019, Steve Adams & Colin Mcphee jointly presented "The Impact of Upscaling on Porosity, Permeability & Water Saturation Modelling in Heterogeneous Reservoirs " to the Perth SPWLA Chapter (FESAUS).

In late August 2019, Steve Adams & Colin McPhee presented their Joint Training Course "Best Practices in Petrophysical Inputs for Static & Dynamic Modelling". This course was sold out weeks in advance and feedback has been excellent.

In August & September 2019,  Steve Adams & Colin McPhee presented two closed courses (2.15 Capillary Pressure & Saturation-Height and 2.30 Best Practices in Petrophysical Inputs for Modelling Including Capillary Pressures & Saturation-Height) to different Operators in Australia. These courses have both received very favourable comments owing to their content and enlivened delivery using two experts in the room throughout.

The last closed courses were in the Middle East at beginning October 2019 and Australia in August & September 2019.  Please contact us if you have a preferred course in mind. 

In May 2018, Steve was in Russia, presenting the talk "Modelling Imbibition Capillary Pressures" at the SPE Chapter in Saint Petersburg and at the SPE Student Chapter of the Russian State Geological Prospecting University in Moscow.

Specialist Petrophysicists

Domain Experts, Eminent Specialists & Best Practice Petrophysicists

We are a Specialist Petrophysics Company with extensive experience working and integrating with other upstream disciplines. Our Principal Petrophysicist Stephen Adams, has been an Independent Consultant since 1994. During that time we have been priveleged to be involved in some interesting and challenging projects from all over the world. We have also developed innovative solutions to challenges as necessary. Steve trained as a Physicist before joining the oil industry.


The Petrophysicist Limited has invited a few very experienced Petrophysicists to associate with us. Like our Principal Petrophysicist, Alan Sibbit, Dale Fitz and Tony Kennaird are held in very high regard around the world for their Technical Expertise. We are also working with Colin McPhee on a number of Joint Training courses, where we both present and assist throughout.

The Petrophysicist Limited has plenty of Specialist Knowledge to help you solve your problems and acheive your Technical and Training goals! More details here, while maps showing our Basins/Areas of experience are below.


Some of Things We Can Do For You

Consulting - We love to solve problems!
Expert Opinion - Subject Matter Experts
Mentoring - Unbiased Expert Guidance
Peer Review - Independent Technical Reviews
Reserves - Petrophysical Specialists
Technical Audits - At Your Place or Ours
Training - We can Show You How


Stuff That You Always Wanted to Know

What Is Petrophysics? - More Than Log Analysis!
D.I.Y. Petrophysics -  Some Tips on the Basics.
Excel Skills Tutorial - Everyone Should Know This
Imbibition and Drainage - What Are These?
Total & Effective Porosity - What's the Difference?
Uncertainty - Simple Quantification of Uncertainty

Data Science

 Extracting Knowledge or Insights from Data in Various Forms

"Data scientists use their data and analytical ability to find and interpret rich data sources; manage large amounts of data despite hardware, software, and bandwidth constraints; merge data sources; ensure consistency of datasets; create visualizations to aid in understanding data; build mathematical models using the data; and present and communicate the data insights/findings." (from Wikipedia)

Unsurprisingly, that's what Petrophysicists have been doing for years. TPL has focussed on developing these skills and can assist you with your Data Science (and Big Data) needs.

The Book

Saturation-Height is Used In All Static & Dynamic Modelling/Simulations - Get It Right with THE BOOK!

Saturation-Height Modelling for Reservoir Description

By Stephen J. Adams Published April 2016

The long awaited book "Saturation-Height Modelling for Reservoir Description" (ISBN 9780473355197) has now been completed and is available for purchase on this page.

This book is the most complete single source document available anywhere addressing capillary pressure measurements, saturation-height modelling, implementation and interpretation. It also includes detailed explanations and guides to show readers how to create and implement appropriate saturation-height functions. Uncertainty is addressed throughout the volume.

This book will change the way you think about saturation-height modelling. It will show you ways to extract additional information from your interpreted reservoir properties, providing new insights that will both save you money and allow upside to be recognised.

For many petroleum engineers, this book will suffice to replace costly industry training courses on this subject, making its purchase a cost effective choice.

The book is 428 pages in A5 paperback, suitable for your briefcase or bookshelf. Sorry no digital version owing to the current ease with which any DRM can be broken and the book freely distributed.

Note that this book is being self-published in an effort to return a reasonable portion of the sale proceeds to the author.


Industry experience reveals a clear need for improved understanding of capillary pressure measurements, saturation-height modelling and their implementation in reservoir modelling.


Petrophysicists, Geologists and Reservoir Engineers are the primary audience. It will also benefit to anyone wanting to understand the distribution of hydrocarbons in the subsurface, including university students.


These scenarios are covered in detail, including examples using real data. You will also find best practice guidelines in an accessible form.


This book is the product of decades of specialist experience followed by thousands of hours of reading, writing and testing. The value that can be gained will range from a few thousand to billions of dollars.


The Table of Contents is visible by clicking here or on the icon above, while some example pages are below.

Standard airmail postage worldwide takes between 5 and 25 working days depending on the destination. Experience has shown that Middle Eastern countries take the longest to reach. If you need the book faster, please select the Courier Worldwide option.

Please use the PayPal button adjacent to make your purchase. If you don't have a Paypal account, you can still buy through PayPal using your credit card. We're using PayPal to ensure that your details are secure.

If you are a larger purchaser (greater than 4 copies), please contact the author (see contact details below) to discuss your requirements. Volume discounts are possible.



The Petrophysicist Limited (TPL) is the updated name for Petrophysical Solutionz Limited, Steve Adams's Petrophysical Consulting company established back in 1994. The Petrophysicist is targeted at Petrophysical Consulting, Training and Mentoring. This website is now also the home of Steve established that brand in 2002, selling it in 2007. Steve reacquired the company in late 2017.

From 2016, Steve has invited some other Internationally Renowned Specialists to be associated with The Petrophysicist. These Experts can be available for short term Projects, Expert Opinions, Training and Mentoring.