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Need Work Done - Ask Us to Help!

We are Independent Technical Specialists. Petrophysics is our primary focus, but we can also access other Exploration and Petroleum Engineering Disciplines through our associate company Pte. Ltd..  

Petrophysical consulting work covers many different areas including:

  • Casing-Cement Integrity - We have developed some innovative techniques to better determination casing-cement and cement-formation bonds from CBL-VDL like logs. We can identify the areas providing zonal isolation and recommend completion intervals accordingly.
  • CO2 Sequestration - We have worked on carbon dioxide sequestration projects identifying formation units likely to be suitable for CO2 injection and long term storage/capture.
  • Carbonate Reservoirs - We have also worked many carbonate reservoirs from all around the world. We are aware of the specific problems that often manifest in these systems. Accordingly we can also help you better quantify the reservoir properties and hydrocarbon saturations in carbonate Fields.
  • Cased Hole Log InterpretationIf you're wondering what those pulsed-neutron, RST and/or cement-bond logs mean, then we can help you with that data too. We have experience with determining porosities and water  saturations through casing too. We can also give you a good idea how well cemented your wells are and if there are any channels or un-cemented intervals water could find its way through.
  • Exploration/Appraisal Well Studies - We regularly investigate old wells to determine what they really encountered. This work is useful for exploration activities including evaluating farm-in proposals and bidding on acreage.
  • Field Studies New Field or Old, we can interpret the data for either. We'll give you consistent results using industry best practice, verfied against core (where available). Requirements for static and dynamic modelling will be delivered then guided through the modelling implementation. We also look at the "whole picture" i.e. what are all the wells together saying about reservoir property variations, fluid distributions and behaviour? Uncertainties in derived parameters are also quantified.
  • Fractured Reservoirs Our Principal Petrophysicist has extensive experience quantifying fracture and secondary porosities in both sandstone and carbonate reservoirs using conventional wireline logs. Preferably image logs are available to assist in calibration, but answers can be obtained using density-sonic, compressional and shear sonic and/or shallow and deep laterolog combinations.
  • Low Resistivity, Low Contrast PaySometimes the formation water salinity is high (water resistivity low) and/or their are very conductive minerals present such that reservoirs cotaining mobile hydrocarbons have very low resistivities. We have experience with these reservoirs too and can help you better locate and quantify any  mobile hydrocarbons. Testing of mobile water will be much reduced with our help.
  • Operational Petrophysics - If you're drilling, then you need to know what you've found as soon as possible. Let us know in advance what you need, then we can (typically) get your logs evaluated within two hours of log receipt. Deliverables are a log display (PDF), summary table and short description of findings.
  • Overlooked and Bypassed Pay - We can also analyse those old wells to see what was missed the first time through. Often it's the thin-bedded intervals adjacent to your main producing intervals. You may also have had water sweep through a very permeable unit, stranding "bypassed" pay in adjacent units. We can help you identify these units too.
  • Residual Hydrocarbon Studies - In water drive systems or those with water injection, reserves are closely tied to residual hydrocarbon saturations. We have specific expertise in determining these parameters from either SCAL (core) experiments or from logs through swept intervals.
  • Saturation-Height - Industry best practice saturation-height studies. We can model systems undergoing imbibition in addition to those described by drainage models. We can also build models from log-derived water saturations in the absence of core data.
  • Thin-Bedded Sands - We have significant experience and expertise in evaluating porosities, permeabilities and water saturations in thin-bedded reservoir environments. Our methodologies can give you answers using even conventional logs and those from older wells. Although the addition of SCAL (capillary pressures) and resistivity anisotropy logs will improve the water saturation estimates further.
  • TOC Determination - We have experience determining TOC from conventional logs. This information can help highlight source rocks and unconventional plays.
  • Unconventionals - TPL has also investigated some unconventional reservoirs for opportunities. Let us help you with your future investigations.

Expert Opinion

Subject Matter Experts

Need an Independent Expert to help in a dispute or equity (re-)determination? We can provide the Petrophysical expertise you need to ensure a technically robust result. If you need Geological, Geophysical and Reservoir Engineering experts too then visit to find out who we can easily source.


Unbiased Expert Guidance for Your Own People

Specialist Petrophysical skills are in short supply. If you have a few questions, are seeking guidance or would like a second opinion, then you can have your questions answered in a timely and cost effective manner using our Mentoring service. Our Principal Petrophysicist can be contacted via telephone or email when you need questions answered. He can help you put together a SCAL program, debug your log analyses or just check your thinking! It's adding expert Petrophysical skills to your own, without the high cost!

Peer Review

Independent Reviews of Technical Work

Our Principal Petrophysicist is very experienced with Reviews of Client's Petrophysical evaluation methodologies. Our experts in other disciplines can also check your Geophysics, geology and Reservoir engineering methodologies and results. Let us check your answers before you commit to major expenditure. We can also help to improve your interpretation processes..


Independent Assessments of In-Place Volumes and Recoverable Volumes

We have worked for Reserves Teams in a number of different consulting companies worldwide. Accordingly we have significant expertise in this area. The Petrophysicist can supply our Principal Petrophysicist for such work, along with a Team of Experts from our associated company Pte. Ltd. or another consulting group.

Technical Audits

At Your place or Ours

One of our subject matter Experts in Petrophysics can evaluate your workplans or work completed. They will highlight any deficiencies and recommend areas for  improvement. For Technical Audits in Geology, Geophysics and/or Reservoir Engineering please look at Pte. Ltd.


We Can Show You How

We've been teaching people how to carry out Petrophysics and Saturation-Height modelling since the turn of the century.  Our courses all include strong practical elements. We believe "hands-on" training ensures the messages delivered are harder to forget. Check out our courses here.

These courses are all customisable to suit client requirements and to incorporate real client problems. Please contact us to discuss further.

If you don't want to pay for a course, then there's a few tips to help you "Do-It-Yourself" here.

In any case, there's a free Youtube-guided "Microsoft Excel Skills for Petrophysics" here. Give it a try - you might learn something useful!