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Tony Kennaird

Core Analysis


Over a period of forty years with Core Lab and thirty-five years in the Asia-Pacific region, Tony supervised and/or managed laboratories in six locations (London, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Perth, Ho Chi Minh City), taught clients in the use of laboratory instruments and provided lectures and industry seminars in the following countries: India, Bangladesh, China, Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Mongolia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea. 

Tony has been seconded as a direct consultant to many clients on subjects as diverse as reserves estimation and formation damage. Heavy involvement in research and design of laboratory procedures and equipment has led to the publication/presentation of more than 40 technical papers, industry talks and articles over the years.

Summary of Qualifications 

  •  Tony has analysed clastic and carbonate formations from all over the world.
  •  He has published more than 40 technical papers and notes on the subject of core analysis.
  •  Tony has frequently presented topics at SPE and SPWLA luncheon and dinner functions.
  •  He has also conducted numerous industry training schools.

Special Skills

  •  Detailed expertise in core analysis specification and measurement.
  •  Can recommend analyses to address specific problems and help to resolve any measurement issues.

Professional Experience


September 2016 onward  - Independent Consultant

Still wanting to contribute where his expertise and knowledge are needed, Tony is looking for projects and Training or Mentoring Opportunities.


2005 to August 2016 - Technical Director Rock Propertiess, Asia-Pacific

  •  Chairman of CoreLab's worldwide Core Analysis Development Committee 2005-8
  •  Marketing responsibilities, Asia-Pacific Region
  •  Development and Transfer of new technology
  •  Provision of Core Analysis schools to the industry.


1995 to 2004 - Regional Manager Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea 

  • Responsible for technical developments in Perth laboratory
  • Administrative functions in Perth laboratory
  • Technical support
  • Marketing responsibilities
  • Responsible for set-up of ISO documentation and gaining ISO accreditation
  • System Manager for ISO-9001 quality system.


1993 to 1994 - Director of Technology Applications (Asia Pacific) 

  • Providing industry seminars.
  • Lecturing on Core Lab Instruments to potential clients.
  • Developing small-bore viscosimeter.
  • Developing elevated pressure pour-point apparatus.
  • Setting up joint venture laboratory in Vietnam.
  • Training clients on use of Core Laboratories equipment.


1992 to 1993 - Director of Technology Applications (Asia Pacific) 

  • Directing introduction and development of new technology.
  • Providing industry schools.
  • Providing in-house training on advanced topics.
  • Managing rock properties and petrology groups.
  • Composing technical programmes for Advanced Rock Property Services.
  • Problem-solving for clients concerning reserves and production evaluation.
  • Setting up core analysis equipment in China.


1990 to 1992 - Operations Manager

  • Managing all laboratory operations.
  • Providing industry schools.
  • Evaluating new services.
  • Expert speaker at well-logging symposium in Perth.
  • Design of Formation Damage test techniques.


1985 to 1990 - Area Manager, Special Core Analysis Technology  

  • Introducing new rock properties technology.
  • Quality control of rock properties groups.
  • Providing industry schools.
  • Appearing as guest speaker at SPE and SPWLA functions.
  • Contracting to Thai Shell to help prove-up increased reserves.
  • Consulting to Huffco (now Vico) Indonesia on reserves estimations.
  • Consulting to JTOC Malaysia on formation damage problems.
  • Writing technical papers and notes for various seminars and symposia.
  • Helping set up Core Analysis facility in Shekou, People's Republic of China.
  • Designing analytical technique for end-point water-gas relative permeability measurement.
  • Training personnel in Perth, Australia, on Special Core Analysis.
  • Relief laboratory manager in Perth and Jakarta.
  • Setting up core analysis equipment in Kuwait.


1981 to 1985 - Manager Core Analysis Services  

  •  Managing Core Analysis and Chemistry laboratories.
  •  Providing industry schools.
  •  Developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's).
  •  Guest speaker for SPE functions.
  •  Training all Special Core Analysis divisions in the region (Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, People's Republic of China, Australia).
  •  Developing innovative methods of Core Analysis.


1976 to 1981 - Laboratory Technician/Laboratory Supervisor

  • Supervising Core Analysis laboratory
  • Developed cool solvent and Big Bertha cleaning systems
  • Performing Analytical Chemistry processes.
  • Operating Core Analysis equipment.
  • Writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's).
  • Setting Core Laboratories equipment in Homs, Syria.


1971 to 1976

  • Obtained Diploma of Education (teaching qualification).
  • Travel industry.
  • Construction industry.
  • TOEFL Consultant.



B.Sc. Special Honours

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